How to Clean Your Microfiber Eyeglass Cloth

How to Clean Your Microfiber Eyeglass Cloth

How to Clean Your Microfiber Eyeglass Cloth

Eyeglasses come with a microfiber cleaning cloth that you use to clean them when they get dirty. Cleaning your glasses prolongs their life and improves visibility through the lenses. But, with time, the microfiber eyeglass cloth gets dirty and needs cleaning. Please do not throw it away; here’s how you clean and reuse it.


1. Clean It Without Water


Cleaning your microfiber eyeglass cloth without water means shaking it and letting the dirt and dust fall. You simply hold the fabric by an edge and shake it until you are sure it’s clean.


2. Wash It With Your Hands


Get some warm water and pour it into a bowl. Add a few drops of some mild liquid soap and soak in the microfiber eyeglass cloth. The soap should not contain any fabric softener or bleach. Allow the cloth to soak for some minutes, and then rinse it under some running cold water.


3. Using a Washing Machine


The only difference this method has with the previous one is the use of a machine. Get liquid bleach-free detergent-free soap and set your machine to warm the water slightly. Do not use fabric softener sheets either, as you do with other loads. Once washed and rinsed, let the cloth air-dry.


Benefits of Washing Your Cloth


  • Washing your microfiber eyeglass cloth allows you to reuse it. So, do not be afraid to buy yourself high-quality cloth.

  • Washing also improves the efficiency of your cloth by opening up the spaces between the fibers. When these spaces open, the cloth fluffs up and can trap the dirt and dust from your lenses easily.

  • Another advantage is that washing gives the microfibers a positive charge. The dirt and dust are negatively charged. The oppositely charged particles attract each other, making the cleaning more efficient.


Wash the Microfiber Eyeglass Cloth Alone


When washing your microfiber eyeglass cloth, do not wash it with other clothes. The microfiber highly attracts lint, hair, dirt, and dust. The cloth could end up dirtier than it was before. Also, be careful not to use powder detergent in any of the methods discussed. The detergent particles get all over and inside the fabric.


Use Warm Water


Be careful to wash the microfiber eyeglass cloth with warm water rather than cold water. Warm water opens up the fibers’ gaps, making the cloth fluffy and more effective for cleaning. Avoid using hot water because it shrinks the polymer-polyamide filaments, which could render your cloth useless.


Get an Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner


Now that people have to wear masks everywhere, besides carrying the microfiber eyeglass cloth with you, we recommend getting the anti-fog lens cleaner. Since the air exhaled takes a while to go through the mask material fibers, a lot of it goes through the spaces around your nose, causing your lenses to fog. Fogging reduces visibility, which makes walking, driving, and other tasks difficult. So, along with your microfiber eyeglass cloth, carry with you an anti-fog lens cleaner.


It is easy to use and care for your microfiber eyeglass cloth. When cleaning it, get some mild liquid soap and warm water. For high-quality microfiber eyeglass cloths and anti-fog lens cleaner, visit the Family Eye Care Centers in Sandusky, Huron, and Clyde, Ohio. You can also call (419) 954-0300, (419) 273-6766, (419) 273-6857 to request an appointment.

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