What are the benefits of HOYA's single vision iQ/iD lenses?

What are the benefits of HOYA's single vision iQ/iD lenses?

What are the benefits of HOYA's single vision iQ/iD lenses?

If you have been told that you need to wear glasses to correct your vision and you only need one prescription to enable you to see more clearly, you may be recommended to choose single vision lenses. As their name suggests, HOYA’s single vision iQ/iD lenses incorporate a single prescription across the entire surface of the lens.

As a result, they are predominantly used for a specific reason such as distance vision, intermediate sight (VDU) or reading. If you are near-sighted, you will be able to use single vision lenses for seeing clearly in the distance and will typically find that the lens of the eye is able to adjust to see close-up objects. If you are struggling to read or see a computer screen, you will be able to use single vision lenses to resolve this. However, you may find that objects in the distance appear blurred.

Benefits of HOYA’s single vision lenses

There are a number of advantages to choosing Hoya single vision IQ lenses to help you see clearly, including the following:

  • Cost effective. HOYA’s single vision iQ/iD lenses are generally the least expensive lens type there is, which is ideal if your prescription changes fairly often.

  • Since there is one prescription across the entire lens there is no distortion in your vision.

  • Improved vision in an aspect of your life where you need it most, for example when driving.

  • High quality lenses that can be placed in virtually any frames.

  • Single vision lenses can be used in sunglasses, enabling you to see clearly when outside and have your eyes protected from harmful UV damage.

HOYA’s single vision iQ/iD lenses

The design of prescription lenses is continuing to evolve so that patients can obtain the very best benefits from their glasses. One of the newest developments that is different to conventional single vision lenses is known as the HOYA single vision iD/iQ lens.

The HOYA single vision iD/iQ lens is the first fully customized progressive lens. It does this using patented Integrated Double Surface Design technology, which maps the specific rotation of each of our eyes. This is then used to create the blueprint on which your personalized lens will be created.

Lenses have two key components. These are the vertical component, which is responsible for magnification and distance vision, and the horizontal component, which affects power changes from side to side. While conventional lens designs have restricted the design components to the same side of the lens, the HOYA iD/iQ lenses place the design on both sides of the lens. The two surfaces are then amalgamated using a computer evaluation program called Balanced View Control. This analyzes and automatically corrects any deformations with how they match up. The end result? Maximized viewing ranges, no distortions in your peripheral vision and completely clear vision in all directions.

If you would like to learn more about single vision lenses, or HOYA single vision iD/iQ lenses, our dedicated and knowledgeable optometrists and eye care team would be delighted to assist you. Please contact any of our offices in Sandusky, Huron and Clyde today and take the next step towards a clearer future.

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