Contacts We Offer

Contacts We Offer

Contacts We Offer

At Family Eye Care Centers, we understand that it can be difficult to try to find the right contact to fit your needs. We know it can be even more difficult if you do not even know what options you have for your contact lenses. We offer a wide variety of different contact lenses. We wanted to try to make it just a little more straightforward for you to understand your possible options before you ever come into our office.

Want more reason to choose Family Eye Care Centers? Looking for more perks and savings? We offer an annual supply of contacts lens and yes, perks are included! This program will save you money, hassle-free re-ordering, quality products, and provides expert advice. We also offer lens replacement and will take back an unused and unexpired box of contacts.

Here is our list of contacts, Dailies Total1, Air Optix Colors, Air Optix Night and Day Aqua, Air Optix for Astigmatism, Dailies AquaComfort Plus, Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde, Alcon Multifocal, Systane, and Cataract Resources.

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Dailies Total1 – This contact type is a daily disposable contact. This means that you put a new pair of contacts into your eyes in the morning, and simply throw them away at night. You do not have to worry about keeping contact solution and cleaning cases with you when you are traveling. In addition, Dailies Total1 contacts are the only contacts on the market that use water gradient technology that moisture is the only thing touching your eye.

Air Optix Colors – These contacts bring all of the quality you expect from Air Optix while also allowing you to personalize your eye color with 12 different choices. They utilize a special three in one technology that allows the contacts to look completely natural. These lenses have been rigorously tested and show that they still retain their performance after a full month.

Air Optix Night and Day Aqua – These are the contacts for you if you have difficulty remembering to remove your contacts every night. These contact lenses are approved to be worn for 30 days and nights of continuous wear without removal.

Air Optix for Astigmatism – It can be tough to find contacts when you have been diagnosed with astigmatism. Fortunately, Air Optix offers a special lens designed specifically for patients with astigmatism. In addition, these lenses are approved for up to six days and nights of continuous use. They also utilize a special Precision Balance 8│4 technology that helps to reduce blurriness. These lenses also have SmartShield Technology that helps to reduce surface buildup.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus – Another possible choice for patients who are looking for a disposable lens is that AquaComfort Plus. These contacts offer three different types of moisturizing to make sure that your eyes feel cool and refreshed all day. Disposing of them every single day helps to reduce the potential for infection or buildup on your lenses.

Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde – If you are looking for a contact lens that helps keep your eyes moisturized and refreshed, the Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde is a great choice. These lenses utilize both Smartshield technology to help reduce contact lens deposits and HydraGlyde that helps to attract moisture and lock it in all day. This keeps your eyes moisturized and feel rejuvenated all day long.

Alcon Multifocal – Multifocal lenses aren't designed for every single patient. Instead, if you have been diagnosed with presbyopia, then you should consider these lenses. These lenses can help our patients get rid of their specialized glasses and enjoy the freedom of contact lenses. Rather than having to use a different lens to see objects far away.

Systane (Coming Soon)– If you suffer from the effects of dry eye, Systane can help offer you relief. The issues that cause dry eye can be very complex but are typically temporary. For many patients, simply using a high-quality artificial tear product can help to relieve them from their symptoms until they are free from dry eye. Systane utilizes nano-sized droplets of lubrication to help keep your eye moist and protected from the elements.

Cataract Resources

Cataract Resources – Our office can help with a wide variety of options when it comes to patients who have cataracts. We will work with our patients through the initial identification and diagnosis of cataracts, determine treatment options, and continue to work with you to help slow or stop the progression of cataracts. We want to make sure that we are with our patients every step of the way.

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​​​​​​​Soft Contact Lens Annual Supply Program

7 Reasons to Purchase an Annual Supply of Contacts Lense from Us!


1. Optimal Eye Health

- Patients with an annual supply of contact lenses are more likely to wear them as prescribed. Overwear leads to deposits, bacteria, infection, and other serious complications.

2. Maximize Savings

- Annual Supply - Best Savings!

- We fully utilize insurance benefits and manufacturer rebates

3. Want to save time and the hassle of re-ordering?

- Free direct shipping on annual supplies of lenses.

4. Quality Product

- Unlike some online distributors, we only use FDA approved contact distributors guaranteeing an authentic product in a controlled environment.

5. Need a lens replaced? Have unused boxes?

- Lost, torn, or defective contact lenses can be replaced at no charge in most cases.

- We will be happy to exchange any unopened, unmarked, and unexpired boxes purchased from us.


6. Expert advice from your trusted team

- Family Eye Care Centers will find the lens best suited for your lifestyle and eye health.

- Our Doctors and expert staff are available to answer any questions about your contacts or vision.

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