HOYA Sensity Lenses

HOYA Sensity Lenses

HOYA Sensity Lenses

Do you find bright light difficult to tolerate? Or does it take a significant amount of time for your eyes to adjust to sudden changes of light in the environment? If either of these questions rings true for you, then you may be one of many Americans who are sensitive to light. Also known as photophobia, light sensitivity is a condition characterized by an intolerance of certain or even all types of light. Sunlight, fluorescent and incandescent light are all common triggers of discomfort, with many people feeling the need to squint or close their eyes against the brightness. Some also experience headaches as a result of the irritation that light causes.

It is not always known what causes someone to develop a sensitivity to light. It is more common amongst people with light eye colors since the darker pigments of dark eyes help to protect against harsh lighting. It can also be caused by corneal sunburn, refractive surgery, and other eye conditions. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to suffer from the discomfort of light sensitivity. Light reactive lenses, such as HOYA Sensity lenses, can eliminate the symptoms associated with the condition and ensure patients enjoy supreme comfort while maintaining unparalleled performance vision.

At Family Eye Care Centers, we are delighted to be able to offer our patients the benefit of HOYA Sensity lenses at all of our office locations: Sandusky, Huron, and Clyde, OH.

What are HOYA Sensity lenses?

HOYA first produced Sensity light-reactive lenses back in 2014. However, their continued investment into development has led to today’s Sensity lenses being a new, innovative version of the original lenses that enables patients with light sensitivity to enjoy a consistent performance from their glasses in all climates and seasons. It does this using Stabilight Technology.

What is Stabilight Technology™?

Studies have found that the performance of light-reactive lenses has historically been heavily influenced by weather and temperature conditions. With this in mind, Stabilight Technology™ offers multi-faceted reactivity based on three core elements…. Light, UV, and temperature. Reaction times have increased, meaning that the wearer loses minimal clarity while the adjustment is taking place, while the high level of UV protection ensures that their eyes remain safe from the harmful effects of light at all times.

HOYA’s Sensity lenses have been vigorously tested across a wide range of different climates, regions, altitudes, and temperatures to ensure consistent performance in every environment – from snow-capped peaks to dry, dusty deserts.

Types of HOYA Sensity lenses

If conventional Sensity lenses don’t sound like quite the right fit for your requirements, there are also two other varieties of this incredible light-reactive lens that may suit you better. These are Sensity Shine and Sensity Dark.

Sensity Shine is the perfect choice if you wish to combine cutting-edge style with practicality. These lenses have a unique matching light mirror coating that offers intense reflection when outside yet remains subtle when indoors. They can be placed directly into your chosen frames, fusing your individual style with a trendier and more fashionable lens.

Sensity Dark lenses react to a wider light spectrum that means that they offer superior performance in outdoor activities while still fading back to full clarity indoors within moments. Such fast reaction times ensure that the wearer enjoys complete comfort at all times.

If you would like to know more about the different types and benefits of HOYA Sensity lenses, please check out this informative video or below.

What are the benefits of HOYA Sensity lenses?

There are a variety of different advantages that patients can experience when they choose HOYA Sensity lenses. These include the following:

- A solid performance in all climates, seasons and circumstances

- Rapid transitions enabling patients to continue with their activities uninterrupted

- Contrast and glare reduction

- Ability to darken to a category 3 sun lens tint

- Total UV protection

- Can be supplied in single vision, bifocal and progressive lens designs including award-winning HOYA ID lenses

- Can be combined with all HOYA premium coatings

- Available in three natural colors: Emerald Green, Bronze Brown and Silver Grey

For more information on HOYA Sensity, please click here.

sensity shinesensity dark

​​​​​​​If you would like more information about HOYA Sensity supplied by us here at Family Eye Care Centers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced eye care associates who will be happy to assist you.

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