HOYA Single Vision Lenses

HOYA Single Vision Lenses

HOYA Single Vision Lenses

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If you have had your eyes tested and you have been told that you require a single prescription to improve your vision and enable to see clearly, you are probably thinking predominantly about what style of glasses to choose. However, there is also another important choice to make and this concerns the type of lens that you will have placed into your eyeglasses.

Although ensuring that the frames suit you will be a significant priority, it is important to understand that not all lenses are created equal. Although there will only be one prescription across your lens, there are varying types of lens that could be used to fulfill your requirements.

Here at Family Eye Care Centers Sandusky, Huron, and Clyde, we are delighted to be able to offer our patients the benefit of HOYA single vision iD and iQ lenses, which we and many others believe are far superior to many alternatives currently available.

What are HOYA single vision iD and iQ lenses?

As we know, single vision lenses incorporate just one prescription across the entire surface of the lens. This makes them ideal for patients who require them for just one vision problem, such as distance sight or reading.

The HOYA single vision lens is a fully customized and progressive lens that is created using patented IDSD (Integrated Double Surface Design) technology. This technology enables the rotation of your individual eyes to be mapped with supreme accuracy to create the blueprint on which your lenses will be based. This design is then placed onto both the front and back of each lens. This is different to conventional single vision lenses which only have the design placed on one side.

By placing the design onto both sides, and then using a special computer program to analyze and correct any deformations with how they match, viewing ranges are maximized, there are no distortions in the periphery of the lenses and the overall quality of vision is hugely enhanced.

Which HOYA single vision lenses are right for you?

We are delighted to be able to offer our patients several different types of HOYA single vision lenses and will be happy to offer you our recommendation as to which is best suited to your individual circumstances.

Individualized Single Vision HOYA lenses

These lenses, which are designed exclusively for your eyes, guarantee focused vision in all directions and superior visual sharpness. TrueForm technology ensures that each prescription is calculated and produced individually, ensuring total acuity and performance based on your eyes. The lens itself has been reduced in thickness so that it is thinner and lighter than you would expect, enabling greater subtlety when placed into your chosen design of frame.

Aspheric Single Vision HOYA lenses

HOYA aspheric single vision lenses are designed to provide viewing that even clearer, crisper and sharper than standard single vision lenses. Many patients liken looking through a HOYA aspheric lens to switching from standard analog television to a channel in high-definition. Again, the lenses themselves are ultra-fine and created using HOYA TrueForm technology.

What are the differences between HOYA Single Vision iQ and iD lenses?

HOYA has developed two different lens types for patients to choose from. These are Single Vision iQ and Single Vision iD lenses. Here is what you need to know about the differences between them.

HOYA Single Vision iQ lenses

If you need a prescription that is strong, but not too complex in nature, you will likely be recommended for iQ lenses. Key benefits of HOYA iQ include:

  • Noticeably sharper viewing zones when compared to conventional single vision lenses

  • Clear peripheral vision

  • The ability to enjoy more natural eye and movements throughout the day

  • Choice of materials for your lenses including poly and Phoenix

HOYA Single Vision iD lenses

Hoya Single Vision iD lenses are recommended for patients with more severe or complex vision requirements. These lenses take into account individual wearing parameters, meaning that this lens offers an even greater level of personalization. Key benefits of HOYA iD include:

  • Wider viewing zones

  • Binocular Harmonization Technology means that the prescription for each eye is considered as an individual design component

  • Perfect and effortless focusing

  • Excellent depth of vision

  • A truly personalized lend

If you would like to learn more about HOYA single vision lenses, or if you would like to arrange an appointment with our experienced, knowledgeable optometrists, please get in touch with one of our three locations:

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